iPhone Takes Screenshots of Everything You Do

This is from Wired:

While demonstrating how to break the iPhone’s passcode lock in a webcast, iPhone hacker and data-forensics expert Jonathan Zdziarski explained that the popular handset snaps a screenshot of your most recent action — regardless of whether it’s sending a text message, e-mailing or browsing a web page — in order to cache it. This is purely for aesthetic purposes: When an iPhone user taps the Home button, the window of the application you have open shrinks and disappears. In order to create that shrinking effect, the iPhone snaps a screenshot, Zdziarski said.

From a programming point of view I think it is a great way to handle the shrinking effects, on the other hand it does capture lots of data. Simple enough for the phone to overwrite the image after it is done with it, and some of the data would be available through other means anyway, SMS from the phone company for example.


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