Caribbean Reef Shark

This is your standard Caribbean reef shark, photographed in the Turks and Caicos.

We had to put out an ‘attractor’ to get them to show up but once they were there they seemed to be more interested in us than the ‘attractor’ (just a piece of fish in a metal box). There were four or five of them swimming around us at any one time and they would get quite close.

They seemed to follow the same path over and over again around the reef so I figured that I would ‘hang’ somewhere in the path and let them come to me, which they did. They would initially deviate from their path but come close once they had gotten used to me, and in fact would come very close effectively swimming towards me and taking a sharp turn at the last second.

We went back to that spot a few times and it was really good diving. We also had a very friendly grouper come check us out and whom I took for a little stroll along the reef, but that will be for next week.


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