Broadband Traffic

Ahead of the 250GB monthly cap that Comcast is going to be putting in place next month (October 2008), I was curious to find out how much data I do consume.

Comcast (rather naively) suggested that consumers could use utilities available which can measure data in and out of your PC. Notwithstanding the fact that it is Comcast that should be providing us with bandwidth consumption stats (the phone, water, gas, electricity companies can do that now, and I think they will be force to provide that information), they ignore the fact that a lot of people have a wide number of devices connected to their broadband connection, device from which it is difficult to get any bandwidth consumption stats.

So… the upshot is that this needs to be measured in the router itself, and most routers don’t keep that kind of information (I wish they did, how hard is it?)

I checked out a variety of application and found that AirportTraffic on the Mac worked ok even though the user interface is pretty sparse and I have not figured out how to reset the cumulative stats yet. Still I am going to run it for four weeks and see what I find out.


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