Pretty Real Picture of the iPod

This picture of the upcoming iPod Nano on MacRumors looks pretty real to me, and would probably confirm what Apple is going to announce on the 9th.

The aspect ratio of the screen would suggest that you will turn the iPod on its side to view movies, I think it is a better way to handle a wide screen than the current iPod Nano, though that machine is not without its appeal (you need to hold one.)

Personally I am not so interested in watching a movie on such a small device, I think the screen is too small for for comfortable extended viewing (could be my eyes though), I prefer my music iPod to be as small and light as possible. If I want to watch a movie, I can do it better on my iPhone and even better on my laptop.

What I would really like from the new iPod nano is a 16GB version, if they have that I will upgrade from my current (and rather beaten up) 8GB iPod nano.


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