Pre-generated static files

From “Strategy: Serve Pre-generated Static Files Instead Of Dynamic Pages” on “High Scalability“:

Pre-generating static files is an oldy but a goody, and as Thomas Brox Røst says, it’s probably an underused strategy today. At one time this was the dominate technique for structuring a web site. Then the age of dynamic web sites arrived and we spent all our time worrying how to make the database faster and add more caching to recover the speed we had lost in the transition from static to dynamic.

Indeed, serving plain files is really easy and very quick. I reminded me a question that was asked in the Google Maps session of the Google Scalability conference in 2007. The question was along the lines of “How much work does the web server do when serving browser requests?”, the answer to which was along the lines of “It all files and we can’t hand them over to the client fast enough, here they are, take ’em, we’re done!”


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