Nurse shark feeding frenzy

On the last night dive of this trip (where we spent a night in port to avoid a hurricane), we were treated to a small nurse shark feeding frenzy, it was the frenzy that was small not the sharks.

In fact I had already finished my dive and was hanging on the trapeze doing my safety stop when I spotted a bunch of divers on the bottom looking at this spectacle. I was low on air and I had already started my safety stop but decided that this was not worth missing so I descended again.

These nurse sharks are not dangerous to humans unless you really annoy them in which case they are likely to clamp their jaws on your arm or leg. They have teeth designed for grinding rather than cutting so they probably won’t cut you but you will have to make your way back to the boat with a shark in to.

Anyway, these were about 5-7 feet long and were way too interested with whatever was under that ledge to pay attention to us so I was able to get really close (within a couple of feet) and got some good pictures.

This one I particularly like because you can see the red gills on the shark closest to the camera.

And you can check out other pictures here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

I had to leave because I was down to no air and had to get air off the safety feed they hang off the edge of the boat in case people run low.


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