Installers over the weekend

I have been spending the weekend on an installer script for a project I am currently working on. For me this is a very boring task, right up there with writing documentation. The incentive to get it over and done with is that I can get back to more interesting stuff.

The installer script is designed to be a standalone script which can be used to install complete sub-systems on a machine, so it could install or upgrade the crawler on a machine, or a search engine. The machine could be an actual machine, or a virtual machine or eventually a image which could them be distributed across virtual machines. The devil is in the details, tracking down all the files needed by each sub-system, etc… The reward is a very simple, completely automated installer.

I have been spending so much time on this, my mind is beginning to ‘think’ only in installer terms, so I should “./ –make-dinner” now.


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