Obscure Apple Raid bug

I ran into an obscure bug with Apple Raid. I had 4 drives in my MacPro, two of which were mirror raided together. My main drive failed recently and I decided to stop the RAID and used the two drives which made it up as primary and backup drive. The Apple Disk Utility allows you to stop RAID which I did and the two drive mounted on the desktop as expected.

After copying lots of data around, I was left with just those two drives in my computer, each with a different name. Oddly the Apple Disk Utility could show the backup drive as having the same name as the primary drive and also being mounted on ‘/’, again same as the primary drive, but it would show the drive as being in the correct slot. SuperDuper (which I use for backups) was very confused as well but the ‘df’ utility would show both drives correctly.

I had to erase and repartition the backup drive for this oddity to go away.


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