iPhone 3G black friday

By now everyone and their dog has heard about the iPhone 3G activation fiasco. Particularly interesting is Robert Mohns’ analysis of the event and informed guess as to where things probably went wrong:

In summary, there were observed outages of AT&T servers that prevented the creation or modification of AT&T accounts, and the iTunes Store problems appear to be a U.S.-only phenomenon despite the world-wide rollout of the 2.0 software and 3G hardware.

The iTunes Store system serves every iPhone in the world. AT&T is specific to the U.S. That’s not a smoking gun, but based on what we know of the process, we believe there was a problem in the connection between the iTunes servers and AT&T’s account management servers. Whether it’s Apple’s fault or AT&T’s fault is beside the point; if this is indeed the failure point, it should be addressed by both companies.

It is unlikely that us mere mortals will learn the real reason for this mess, but it should have been foreseen given the activation problems that occurred with the launch of the first iPhone. Screwing things up once is unfortunate, screwing things up twice is a habit best broken. Lets hope that this does not happen again at the launch of the next iPhone.


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