Upgraded to iPhone 2.0

Finally upgraded to iPhone 2.0. The process took about 3 hours with about 2h 45m of waiting for the Apple servers to “consolidate their E. coli” and activate my phone.

First impressions are very positive, the software is very nice and the “Contacts” application is a welcome addition for me.

I downloaded about 8 apps (all free), already tossed 3 out, one crashed on me (it also seems to still have bugs in addition to the crash,) and was less than impressed in the user interface of two others (Do people actually use their apps? Do they even test the user interface before shipping? Am I being too hard? After all they are free).

One that I found to be really good is the Remote by Apple which allows you to control iTunes remotely, hence the playback too, to whichever device iTunes knows about such as your TV or your stereo. I have been wanting something like this for a long time.

UPDATED – 7/11/08 – 4:57PM – Eye-popping bug in the iTunes music store user name and password login dialog on the iPhone. My password is mixed case and the upper case characters appear in clear as opposed to dots!

UPDATED – 7/12/08 – 10:54AM – I was wrong about the bug I described above, what is happening is that the iPhone is displaying the letters very briefly before turning them into dots so that you can be sure that you are typing in your password correctly.


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