Moving along

I have resisted posting anything about the current issues at Twitter, though I have complained about their service in the past, but this time it seems that people are starting to walk.

Two weeks ago TechCrunch carried a story about this with the following comment:

So why aren’t people screaming about the feature being gone? Because this time, they’re just heading over to Friendfeed to have those very same conversations. Friendfeed for most users was just a place to bookmarks all their activities on other social networks. Now, more and more, it’s a place that people start conversations. The early adopters got that a while ago. Now, the not so early adopters are using it as a Twitter replacement, too.

My feeling is that Twitter still has “critical mass”, but my gut tells me that there is a shift going on. I am hearing more and more stories about people tiring of the service outages and while there is a lot of understanding and patience over growing pains and the fact that it is a free service, the lack of reliability and constancy seems to be wearing people down. Migrations always start slowly and happen very quickly when “critical mass” has been achieved, some also call that an “inflection point.”


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