Superfluous designable.nib files

Apparently Apple left some superfluous designable.nib files in their apps in Mac OS X 10.5:

While Apple may likely be expanding the use of background file compression to save space in Snow Leopard, today’s Mac OS X Leopard is unnecessarily overweight due to an error Apple made when packaging the system, according to a developer who asked to remain anonymous. Leopard apps all contain superfluous designable.nib files that should have been removed in the Golden Master. “Mail alone has around 1400 of these files, taking up almost 200 MB of disk space,” he noted.

I have to wonder why those files were left there, surely they would have been omitted from the target as part of a production build, but it may be easy to overlook that. I also wonder if they were left in Mac OS x 10.4.x? And I also wonder why Apple has not deleted in any of the 10.5 updates we have had to date.

If it is Apple’s intention to create a single code base for Mac OS X for all their devices (I recall that this was announced at WWDC ’08) then it would make sense to slim things down as much as possible so that they can target devices with a little as 4GB on them (such as one of the original iPhones.)

Actually I went into a secondary Mac OS X 10.5 installation I have and removed all the designable.nib files from the Application folder with no ill effects. Of course the Application folder is ~40GB so losing ~500MB did not really slim things that much.


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