Make it go faster!!

I have been enjoying listening to the StackOverflow podcasts by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky. As a developer it is always good to get different (and sometimes controversial perspectives on things).

The last podcast, their 10th episode, covered a wide range of topics, the last one of which was about Ruby and its suitability for enterprise usage. The show notes on this subject are:

On Ruby performance, scaling, “enterpriseyness” and whether or not this is even the right question to ask. Shouldn’t we be thinking of this in terms of the solution first, and the language as a side-effect of that?

Which I think is right on, you need to look at the task you want to accomplish and choose the right tool for the job. The problem is that some people get ‘wedded’ to a single language and use that for every problem they encounter, winding up with some very good implementation as well as some very bad ones as well.

I tend to approach the language choice using a variety of parameters which really boil down to the suitability of the language for the task, looking at how well the language deal with the problem being solved (such as Perl for text processing), scalability & performance, maintainability.

One comment Jeff Atwood made about scalability was about looking at the number of machines you need to scale up your operation. If you can only run one process per machine, scaling by an order of magnitude will be a lot more painful than if you can run 10 processes per machine, which I think is right on the money as it were. It maybe much more cost effective to spend more time upfront developing your app in a language such as C (or derivative) than putting something together quickly in Perl or Ruby and having to buy much more hardware later on.


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