New iPhone and MobileMe previews

As always Paul Thurrott has posted great previews if the new iPhone and the MobileMe.

Both are well worth reading if you are at all interested in the iPhone and in the new incantation of the service formally known as .Mac.

Personally I was never interested in .Mac even though I am in the target audience given that I have two Macs, a desktop and a laptop. I had heard too many horror stories about .Mac messing up machines that I just stayed away from it and used file sharing to copy files across.

But the new incantation, known as MobileMe, looks pretty good to me.

That being said, I am not sure whether I will be upgrading to the new iPhone. What it offers to me is 3G and GPS. I can’t get 3G where I live (I have to go down into Boston for that) and I use Wifi at home. As for GPS, I have found that the location features in Google maps is pretty good.

I guess this really depends on what applications come out for the iPhone. I may fine that one-app-I-cant-live-without depending on GPS or 3G and upgrade, thought the upgrade path beyond the 3G phone is a little unclear at this point.

Personally I would like to see apps which give me tidal information (I can see GPS being useful there), and maps and schedules for the T in Boston and the Bart in San Francisco.


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