WWDC08 “predictions”

Again everyone and their dog (and cat) are making predictions as to what we are going to see at WWDC08, so I thought I would pitch in with my opinions (which are my own):

  • We are going to see a new 3G iPhone, that one is a no brainer, and it will probably have GPS though that is less certain. I think the form factor will be essentially the same, maybe a little thicker to accommodate a larger battery (you know that this is a good thing if you use WiFi and Bluetooth on your iPhone).
  • Of course we will have the new iPhone OS 2.0, with the application store.
  • We are going to see a forking of the iPhone into an Edge line and a 3G line. That will allow Apple to spread the price points across a wider range allowing them to reach more markets. Don’t expect a $200 iPhone though, not without heavy subsidies from carriers.
  • The iPhone (and iTouch) user interface will be “officialized’ as a second MacOS X user interface (the first one being Aqua which we know well). The Touch user interface will become the one used by Apple’s future tablet products. I firmly believe that there is a mobile computing ‘gap’ between smart phones and laptops, but the devices in that gap will need to have substantially different user interfaces than the WIMP ones we are used to now.
  • .Mac will be replaced with something which works. Ok that was a cheap shot, but there is a need to be able to synchronize data and applications across devices which go beyond iTunes and .Mac. We also need to be able to synchronize data with non-Apple cloud based applications.
  • We might see a new form factor for Apple’s laptop line, that one is less certain since Intel is late with its new mobile processor line, but Apple has pulled the “Available now but delivered in 6 weeks” stunt before.
  • I hope to see a new iPod nano line with 16GB of memory, 8GB feels a little constrained to me now.
  • We are not going to see a new tablet based computer (see above), introducing that would detract from the 3G iPhone.

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