Aperture issues

I have been having two issue with Aperture since I bought it when 2.0 came out. The issue is that the displayed image would either disappear when I was editing it, and corruption of the displayed image when switching from normal view to full screen view and back. I was not alone in this either.

Both Aperture and one of my video cards were updated along the way, so I can’t full isolate the issue.

The first issue I had was with the displayed image disappearing when I was editing it. The workaround was to switch the image to full screen and back to regular view a few times and the problem would not occur.

I then upgraded one of my video cards (2 GeForce 7300GT) to a GeForce 8800GT and my issues got a lot worse, the displayed image would get completely corrupted when switching the image to full screen and back to regular view, like Aperture was pulled the image from some unrelated area of memory.

Last night I bit the bullet and did a clean reinstall of Mac OS 10.5 along with all my apps, and ran all the updates (note that I had to pull my GeForce 8800GT because it is only supported by Mac OS 10.5.2 (it will crash previous versions of the OS), and I still got the issue.

Interestingly I did not get the issue if there was only one video card plugged into the system, whichever card that was.

After a lot of testing, I was able to get a working configuration by moving my second video card (the GeForce 7300GT) from slot 4 to slot 3 and reducing the slot speed to 1. To do that you need to use a utility called “Expansion Slot Utility” which is located in “/System/Library/Core Services/”. This utility allows you some control on how the PCIe lanes are apportioned between the PCI cards in your MacPro. This does not apply to the 2nd generation MacPro though, that generation manages that automatically.

So one of my displays is running at a less than optimal speed, but at least Aperture works now.


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