Green Moray Eel

This is a cute green Moray Eel, shot on Alcyone in the Cocos Island. This show is unusual because it is out in the open when it should be hidden in a crack somewhere. In fact on that dive site there were lots of eels who were either free swimming or just lying across the bottom like that. These eels are generally curious about divers but keep a respectful distance from them. At one point I had found a great ledge from which to observe passing hammerheads but it was already occupied by two eels, needless to say I let them keep the ledge.

The reason they have their mouth always open is that they are inhaling water to breath (extracting oxygen via gills) and expelling that water through vents just behind their head. Having their mouth always open is a little intimidating at first until you realize what is going on. Their teeth look like glass and are extremely sharp, not only will they puncture skin very easily but they cause all sorts of infections.


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