À la carte cable

This is interesting, civil rights groups are against à la carte cable because it feels that the cable providers would drop niche minority channels from the bundles they sell.

I am not sure this argument is totally valid. If people want a niche minority channel on their television surely they could just order it from their provider. And wouldn’t their cable bill be lower because they would not have to get all the channels provided in the current bundles whether they want them or not.

I dropped my cable subscription a few years ago for a few very simple reasons: the basic bundle got me 70 odd channels of which I would watch three on a semi-regular basis; most the channels I really wanted to watch were in addition to the basic bundle, so the cost of watching HBO, for example, was not $10 but $55; and at some point I just stopped watching TV altogether.

Personally I want à la carte, because I want to be able to pick and choose which channels I want to watch. I would not pay $45/month for a bundle of 70 channels, but I would pay $45/month for 5-10 channels of my own choosing.


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