How to scale

I came across this in Nati Shalom’s post titled “Twitter as a scalability study“:

The fact that we’re seeing the same scalability issues in PHP, Java and obviously Ruby, tells us that the scalability problem is not about the language. It’s about the architecture.

Amen. I get really tired of reading posts and article which claim that this or that language does or does not scale for some obscure reason (it does not have the latest constructs, features, options, optimizations, etc…) It not about the language, it is about the architecture.

You only have to look around at the larger sites on the internet to see that there are a wide variety of languages and environments being used, and that if used properly can scale very well.

2 thoughts on “How to scale

  1. agree,

    plus, if it was ruby issues, they would have noticed it BEFORE they scaled!. For example, if ruby’s == operator does’nt work, that SAME line of code using the == is there whether its been running on a shared host or a 50 machine network!. and it would have failed JUST the same.

    I’m not a ruby developer, BUT SOON!, PHP and Symfony are TOO convenient for the time being :) BACK to topic, I aggree with you!.

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