Java 5.0

Recently I asked a colleague if he could recommend some good books on Java, specifically covering the new features in Java 5.0. I have used a number of the 5.0 features by gleaning them from code and documentation I gathered from the internet, but I was looking for something which brought everything together. He did not have any ideas off the top of his head so I did a little digging and found two books which fit the bill:

The first one is “Java In A Nutshell, 5th Edition” (by O’Reilly Media). It has a chapter dedicated to the bigger additions to Java, namely generics, enumerations and annotations. Additionally it covers additional features like ‘for/in’ loops other control flow features in the chapter on Java syntax, making it clear what features were added in 5.0.

The second one is “Learning Java, 3rd Edition” (by O’Reilly Media). It has two chapters dedicated to Java 5.0 features.

While all the information in those books can be found on the internet, I find it easier to have it all collated in books.