Starting a new weekly feature

To make this blog a little different, I have decided to start a new feature. Every weekend I will post a photo I took on one of my scuba diving trips along with a caption explaining the picture. You can find more photos on flickr.

This is a white tip shark taken at the Dirty Rock dive site in Cocos Island (Feb 2008). There was a lot of surge on that dive, all the way down to 80 feet, which made it a challenging dive. There were a lot of white tips there, along with a few hammerheads. I found a spot which seemed to be a hot spot for white tips, some stuck in the rocks sleeping, others swimming around us and past us. This one swam by very close to me. I like this shot because you can see the texture of the skin and the sea bottom, the blue above gives a nice sense of depth. These kinds of shots are never planned, I just point and shoot, which is all you can as the sharks are moving by very fast.


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