Mobile Monday and the iPhone SDK

I attended the Mobile Monday iPhone SDK Party on monday 24th. The event was fun but packed. I am not sure the Apple folks knew what they were letting themselves in for when they allowed this event to be held in their store.

The Mobile Monday web site has pointers to various recaps of the event along with pictures.

A good friend pointed me to an article about the event on “the Onda by Antonio Rodriguez“, one thing in the article jumped out at me:

…it turns out that the using the radio to send/receive IP packets is relatively cheap from a power perspective, especially when compared to running the CPU at Safari-induced speeds or even keeping the display on for prolonged periods of time.

My experience with power consumption on the iPhone point to a few things which are power hungry. Bluetooth should go to the to of the list, for some reason leaving that on and having a headset paired with it really suck the electrons out of the battery. Second on that list should go Safari and the YouTube application, both are CPU intensive. And third on that list is Wifi which seems to be always on even when the phone is sleeping.

ps – the first presenter at the event was someone called Jonathan A. Zdziarski (also known as “NerveGas”), who recently published an article entitled “The iPhone SDK: APIs Apple Didn’t Want You to Know About“.


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