AppleTV update

I downloaded the AppleTV update last night and I have to say that it is pretty sweet.

I can strongly recommend Paul Thurrott’s review.

I noticed a few things about the AppleTV which were not initially mentioned when the update was announced:

  • It now acts as remote speakers for iTunes which is really good as it allows me to remove the Airport Express I was using for that (remember “less is more”).
  • It now merges its local content with the content on iTunes so you don’t need to switch the source if you want to stream content from your Mac. This makes much more sense for navigation purposes.
  • It provides smarter syncing capabilities, so the local drive acts much more as a cache for the content rather than a “local store” if that makes sense. This makes it much easier to manage the content on it, mostly by doing it all for you.

I have rented my first HD movie, the download took about 60 minutes which is not too shabby, and we will have to see what my cable provider thinks of this. The selection is rather limited so Netflix has nothing to fear in the near-term, but long-term I suspect that this is a different story.


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