What does “utter crap” mean?

So I have probably blown my “General Audience” rating here but this comment about the MacOS X file system was amusing.

Linus Torvald being interviewed by The Sidney Morning Herald came out with this quotable quote:

“I don’t think they’re equally flawed – I think Leopard is a much better system,” he said. “(But) OS X in some ways is actually worse than Windows to program for. Their file system is complete and utter crap, which is scary.”

So what does “utter crap” really mean? The article is short on specifics, and context for that matter.

Personally I find the file system to be pretty good given its heritage, and the requirements for backward compatibility.


One Response to What does “utter crap” mean?

  1. ShyAnne says:

    i say crap all the time but what does it mean?

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