MacWorld has finally wrapped up

MacWorld has finally wrapped up, and now that the heady excitement of Steve Jobs’ keynote has passed, here is my 2 cent’s worth on that was announced.

To me, by far the most interesting announcement is the AppleTV take 2.0. I don’t think there was any value on buying movies online, the prices were no better than buying the actual DVD, the quality was not there and all the extras were missing. There just wasn’t any value for the consumer and it showed in the number of AppleTVs sold and probably in the number of movies sold. Going for a rental model makes much more sense (as we can see from all the other rental options out there). I think the price is competitive, and we shall have to see what the quality looks like. One wrinkle though, I wonder how much of a long tail there will be. I don’t watch the bulk of new releases and I tend to rent from the long tail. If those movies are not made available, I am not likely to cancel my netflix account anytime soon.

The second most interesting announcement is the MacBook Air. I have not seen one in person, but I think it looks very attractive. Lots has been written about the compromises that had to be made to build it, but to me it is very attractive for a number of reasons. I already have a MacBook Pro, I only use wireless networking, I don’t usually have more than 50GB of data on it, and I hardly ever use the internal DVD drive, all it is is a mobile extension of my MacPro. So I am in the target demographic for the MacBook Air. While I probably won’t be buying one just yet, I will likely be doing so when I come to replace my MacBook Pro.

The third most interesting announcement is Time Capsule . I think integrating a drive directly into the Airport Express Base Station makes a lot of sense, and I think that this would make a very good, simple, backup device for the home. However for the prosumer I think it falls a little short. While the USB port is still there, it is too slow for attaching any kind of respectable storage. What I would have liked to see is either a Firewire 800 port, or an eSATA port, so I would connect a storage appliance to it.


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