MapReduce paper

Greg Linden points to a very good paper about MapReduce.

I am not one to pick nits here, but that paper is 4 years old and is already on the Google labs web site.

I checked both versions of the paper and they look the same to me, so none of that stuff is new. One thing did bother me, the original paper was published at OSDI’04 (as mentioned on the abstract page) and in academia publishing a paper in two places is considered a big no-no.


3 Responses to MapReduce paper

  1. Greg Linden says:

    Hi, François. I think the new ACM paper is somewhat different. It has a lot more more examples of using MapReduce and discussion of how MapReduce is used inside Google, as well as lots of updated statistics on its usage.

  2. Hi Greg. After seeing your comment, I took a closer look at both papers. The introduction was rewritten slightly in the new version, but sections 4 and 7 were substantially reduced in size. Some of the figures were updated (4 years has passed), but no new figure were added, in fact some were taken away. The bulk of the text is the same across both papers.

  3. Greg Linden says:

    Huh, François, it appears you are right. I apologize, I had failed to look closely at the OSDI 2004 paper again. When I did, there are a lot more parallels than I remembered. It appears you are right that they did little more than minor updates to the old OSDI 2004 paper for this CACM 2008 paper.

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