MacWorld predictions

I decided to have some fun this evening and make some predictions as to what we will see at MacWorld next week.

First off, I was surprised to see the new Mac Pro announced before MacWorld, I was expecting this to come out sometime during the conference, but get very little coverage if any. Typically Apple has been pretty low-key about this product line. But I don’t think this was a move to disrupt CES, come one, one desktop machine vs. CES?

I think there will be two major announcements at MacWorld this year. In order of announcement, the first will be movie rentals on iTunes, along with a new AppleTV (sporting a DVD drive, and maybe event a BluRay drive). The second will be some sort of ultra-light MacBook, most likely based on the MacBook Pro design.

We will probably see new displays, which will look like the current iMac.

We might see a MacBook Pro refresh, but that is less likely.

Notice that I did not mentioned anything about the iPhone, that is because this conference is going to be about Macs. I expect that there will be some sort of special event in the next couple of months for an iPhone related announcement.


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