Why the 700MHz spectrum matters to everyone

Bob Cringely posted an article this weekend about the 700MHz spectrum.

Actually he starts with AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson’s statement that Apple will soon have a 3G iPhone. Nothing new there, technology marches on. I would be more surprised if there was no 3G iPhone. And I don’t thinks this will harm Apple’s sales of the iPhone.

What I am more interested in is the 700MHz spectrum. Mobile devices, like the iPhone, smart phones, Google’s upcoming ‘Android’, Amazon’s Kindle, laptops, etc… all benefit greatly from having a permanent connection to the Internet. Locally this is usually managed via WiFi, but on the go we are dependent on the goodwill of the phone companies, with things like EDGE, EVDO, 3G, etc…

I think all hardware vendors and web services vendors would benefit from having a completely open roaming spectrum, which is why I think where Cringely has it right that Apple and Google are going to try their hardest to get that spectrum.


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