Leopard TimeMachine

I have been trying out Leopard’s TimeMachine to see how well it worked as a backup solution. I should point out that I am not using it as my backup, that is already being taken care of.

I like that it is so simple to set up, just plug in an external drive and everything is done automatically for you. You can also select which drives to backup. File recovery is very simple, just select the finder window in which the document was and active TimeMachine.

Backups are done once an hour, once a day and once a week.

I don’t really care for the moving star field, a little too “star trek” for me, and a little distracting. I would also prefer to have finer grained control over the backup frequency, and I am happy to see that someone has taken care of that with TimeMachineScheduler. Finally I don’t really like the way TimeMachine prompts you every time you plug in an external drive that has not been checked before, though I suspect that is hard to get around, after all the idea is to make sure you make backups, right?


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