Pair Programming vs. Code Reviews

Artima has an interesting thread on pair programming vs. code reviews.

I am great supporter of code reviews and have always pushed for them. I think it is a very good way to learn from others, whether you are reviewing code or having your code reviewed.

On the other hand the idea of pair programming makes me cringe.


One Response to Pair Programming vs. Code Reviews

  1. noel says:


    Pair programming leads to slowdown, diversions, and sometimes full blown arguments that ruin an entire session and take your head out of the code and into the realm of personal conflict. I’ve had good sessions of it too, but it just seems like a waste of resources to have two people doing the work of one. Yes you do catch each other’s mistakes this way, but with code reviews, you get the benefit of that plus the benefit of two people coding two things at once. It’s just more efficient.

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