FIOS, not really

According to Om Malik, Verizon is claiming that FIOS has been rolled out to Massachusetts.Great news…You’d think…Well not really…I live 12 miles north of Boston and I can’t get it. I just checked and the system referred me to a sales line. And the last time I checked, which was six months ago, all they could offer me was DSL.Looks like I am stuck with Comcast for the forceable future.


2 Responses to FIOS, not really

  1. noel says:

    Here in SF, you either choose comcast (which is a ripoff in my opinion compared to what some of my friends are getting elsewhere in the country), or DSL. The fastest DSL I can get here is 300KB down (3Mbps package). I pay $26 which isn’t bad, but I cannot even pay more for 6Mbps because the phone lines here suck. You’d think SF would be “leading the way” for the rest of the country.

  2. I think the options are pretty much the same here, prices only really shift when there is true competition, which there really isn’t in the broadband sector. I think that will change as wireless becomes more and more pervasive. As for ‘leading the way’, DSL is dependent on the phone line quality, and these phone lines were laid out before DSL.

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