Leopard so far

So I took the plunge and installed Leopard on my MacPro. I did a trial install on a MacMini first, and a trial update on my MacBookPro. The trial update failed miserably, Leopard told me that a raft of components could not be updated and left the machine unbootable.

I backed up the boot drive on my MacPro (I have multiple drives in it and backup the boot drive automatically every night using SuperDuper) and did a clean install. The whole process took about 90 minutes, a clean installed followed by a reinstallation of all the applications I use, and migration of settings and data. This was a lot faster than in the past.

So far so good. I have not had any major issues, but I do have a few nits to pick:

  • Quicklook does not seem to handle XML files, they are just text files from my point of view. I should be able to change that.
  • I should be able to make the menu bar more opaque, in fact I preferred it to be completely opaque.
  • Why is the Java version only 1.5, when 1.6 has been out for a while now?
  • I don’t seem to be able to save specific views for specific folders. I am not sure why this is the case, probably an operator error.

I think the firewall is an improvement over the previous one, it should be much easier for the casual user to understand and use, the interface needs a little work though, and some applications add themselves automatically to the list of approved apps which can accept incoming connections. For example iPhoto will automatically add itself if it is set to share photos albums, I think it should warn the user before doing that.


4 Responses to Leopard so far

  1. Philip Jacob says:

    Java 1.6 was never “fully” released for OS X. It was only available as a developer preview release. However, you can’t even get that anymore from Apple. From what I can see, Apple has given up on Java… which means that I’m writing this comment on my last Apple computer, unless they fix something.

  2. Sorry I meant that 1.6 has been out on Linux/Solaris/Windows for a while now. It is a shame that Apple is not keeping up. A while back they said that they wanted to be the premier Java development platform, but it seems that pulling back on that. Steve Jobs also said that no-one develops in Java anymore. While this may be true for desktop apps, it is certainly not true for server apps.

  3. noel says:

    I am still waiting for linux to have a decent “application based” firewall. I rarely ever want to lock certain ports open or closed. It’s all about what applications can and cannot access the net and keeping checksums on their binary. IPtables and all the various frontends never really satisfied. I think it’s one of nix’s obstacles towards greater desktop adoption, although arguably a minor one relatively speaking.

  4. If by nix, you mean linux, I think the biggest obstacle to the desktop is the lack of Microsoft Office, that was and still is the ‘platform’. Mac OS X is unix based so in that respect nix has some adoption on the desktop. Also don’t forget that Steve Jobs got Microsoft to commit to keeping Office alive on the Mac platform because he knew that without that Apple would be dead.

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