Paul Thurrott’s takes on Apple

Paul Thurrott has a very good take on Apple.

I think the crux of the article is contained in this paragraph:

There’s also a related issue here that I think many of us old-timers forget: While we may be stuck in whatever technological rut we think makes sense, we should never forget that an entire generation of students today is using technology solutions that might be unfamiliar to traditional Microsoft guys. They manage their email, schedules, and lives on the Web. They buy Macbooks, iPods, and iPhones. These people will be running the show in a few years, and they aren’t necessarily tied emotionally or logistically to Outlook, Windows, or other Microsoft technologies. This isn’t just a potential threat to your way of life, it’s a threat to Microsoft’s very existence, and it’s why I place such an emphasis on their Windows Live services here and wonder aloud, a bit too frequently, why Microsoft isn’t doing more to address this coming change.

In my mind this is not just related but is the core to the evolution of technology and how it permates our lives. What was unthinkable or unimaginable ten years ago is mundane today, and paradigms can change much more quickly than we can envision (and much more slowly, but that is another story).


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