Ripping music CDs

I read Paul Thurrott’s article on ripping music CDs with great interest since I really have no clue what encoding format and bit rate to use for ripping my own CDs.

Initially I encoded my music in MP3 using a 128 Kbps variable bit rate. That was back in 2001 and I had a large quantity of CDs, so that seemed to make sense given the hard drive capacity constraints of the time. At the time it took 3 weeks to do with 2 machines working.

Of course hard drive capacities have gotten a lot larger, as so I reripped my music in AAC using a 192 Kbps variable bit rate. That now took about 3 days with a single machine working.

I went back and forth on the MP3 vs. AAC format, and in the end I figured that ACC was just fine given that I have all the CDs, so I can rerip them if I decide to change formats. Also I recently bumped up the bit rate to 256 Kbps.

I will probably rerip my CDs in the next year switching to a lossless encoding.


One Response to Ripping music CDs

  1. noel says:

    I went through almost the exact same ordeal. I’ve lately been using variable bit rates to get the quality and same some disk space. What can I say? I’m a miser.

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