Apple Wireless Keyboard

I just got my new Apple Wireless Keyboard, and am using it now to type up this post.

I bought it because it was small, so would take up less space on my desk and allow me to have the mouse closer to me, so I would not have to reach for it.

So far so good, the diminutive size takes getting used to, I have used full size keyboards for a very long time and I am now very aware that my hands rest on the keyboard based on its size and not key location.

I like the feel of the keys, but I think it is a very personal thing. I like laptop keyboards, and I really like the old Apple Extended Keyboard, unfortumately mine died a few years ago, it was ten years old and I tend to pound my keyboards. I have not really liked any of Apple’s keyboards since, except for the Split Keyboard they produced for a while, that one was really good.


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