MySQL 5.1.22

MySQL 5.1.22 became the first release candicate of the 5.1 version, so I decided to download it and install it. I have a version of my.cnf which is turned to work on larger systems (16GB & fast discs) and which I like to use it as a base for all the MySQL installations I make.

I was starting this one from scratch so needed to create the ‘mysql’ database using ‘mysql_install_db’. Sounds easy enough but I kept getting an error in the ‘mysqld.err’ log file.


./scripts/mysql_install_db --force --datadir=/var/lib/mysql/data

Would produce:

071001 19:55:33 [ERROR] Unknown/unsupported table type: innodb
071001 19:55:33 [ERROR] Aborting

071001 19:55:33 [Note] /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld: Shutdown complete

I eventually tracked this down to this statement in my.cnf:

# Default table storage engine when creating new tables
# (comment out when running mysql_install_db)
default_storage_engine = InnoDB

The statement tells MySQL to use innodb as the default storage engine for all new tables. For some reason this was causing ‘mysql_install_db’ to choke. I commented the statement out and everything worked as expected.

Once I had the ‘mysql’ database using ‘mysql_install_db’, I re-enabled the statement and MySQL started quite happily.


5 Responses to MySQL 5.1.22

  1. noel says:


    Perhaps it tries to set up the mysql db tables as innodb and chokes on that?

  2. I think that is indeed the case, but I would have thought that a better error message would be in order, or better documentation.

  3. Hi! nice find.

    I filed a bug report for it:

    you can subscribe to it and see how it develops from here.

    Just a note that you do not have to uncomment the line in the my.cnf – you can simply pass:

    –default-storage-engine=MyISAM on the command line to mysql_install_db.

  4. Ah, as it turns out thebug is a duplicate of this one

    Most likely it will be fixed in the next version

  5. Roland, thanks for looking into this and filing an issue, as well as for the workaround. I just assumed it was an oversight and worked around it.

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