Yahoo messenger mobile

I have a Yahoo messenger account and decided that I would sign up for their service to forward instant messages to my iPhone when I am off line.

I set this up for my AOL instant messenger account a couple of months ago and it was pretty simple, enter your phone number, get a confirmation code, enter the confirmation code back into the web page, and voila as they say in the ol’ country (France if you must know), you are done.

Yahoo on the other hand requires me to specify my carrier and my cell phone type in addition to my number. Well with an iPhone the carrier is ATT but ATT is not on the list. Wait, I can select “Not listed”, which I do for both the carrier and the phone, and come upon a confirmation page with nothing on it. Well nothing, nothing I can click to go to the next page. Fine, I go back, note there are two options for Cingular as a carrier, I select one, and it turns out to be the wrong one for my cell phone number. So I go back, select the other Cingular carrier and select “Not listed” for my cell phone and boom, again the confirmation page with nothing on it. Once more I go back, select a random mobile phone maker. Finally success, I can pick a cell phone type, including “No listed”. Finally I can get the system to send me my confirmation code, which I plug back into the web page. I am finally done.

I wish someone would keep the carrier list up to date (Cingular did buy ATT last year, and the name change was complete a few months ago), and would put the iPhone on the list of mobile phone (iPhone being the most hyped mobile phone out there). I would not hurt to test the system either, confirmation pages with nothing on it are not “a good thing.”

This is doubly shameful since Yahoo does have a page pushing their mobile interface, with a special ad pushing Yahoo on the iPhone.


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