Mobile web is coming

From an article titled “Usability Testing for the Web” on ACM Queue:

M-Web 2.0 is my concept of the Web a couple of years down the line. The user base of mobile and handheld devices is increasing much faster than anyone can imagine. As cities are developing wireless networks and new software and features are being added to mobile devices, I can imagine 95 percent of the population using WAP-enabled mobile devices in the next few years. The limitation with PCs and laptops is that they are bulky and the user has to log in to connect to the Web. Keeping this future trend in mind should ensure mobile browser support for many Web applications.

I would agree with this, but I think it will take closer to five years rather than a “few years”.


2 Responses to Mobile web is coming

  1. noel says:

    I’m still surprised how far behind Japan we are in this segment. Even back in 2000 the mobile web was already every bit as prevalent as PC web applications. Today people are watching TV on their mobiles…I think they’ve run out of features to add. 4 megapixel digicams, java games, mp3 players, automatic payment systems. What’s left?

  2. Identity systems for example, medical information, insurance information, driving licenses, etc… What is a little scary here is that concentrating all this information in one devide is bad for security.

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