In the market for a NAS

I am in the market for a NAS for my home systems (comprising of Linux and MacOS X based gear).

The Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ looks pretty good, it handles NFS and AFP which I want. They had a disc-less unit in their line-up a couple of months ago, but it seems to have gone and they seem to charge a premium for drives. All of which is a little moot for me since they don’t offer the storage config I am looking for.

The LaCie Ethernet Disk RAID also looks pretty good, but there is no support for AFP and Macs have to access the NAS either via SMB which I am not a fan of, or NFS with which I have had no luck on MacOS X.

There has to be something else out there, within a reasonable budget.


One Response to In the market for a NAS

  1. Adam Northrup says:

    I purchased the diskless Infrant ReadyNas X6 (purchased via an AVS Forums Group Buy in Jan 2006) and the diskless NV+ (purchased from in March 2007). eaegis still has the diskless ones available.

    The transfer rates are very fast when using GB ethernet and jumbo frame capable switching.

    Both are excellent for use with various OS (Linux on the networked TIVO players, Windows XP/Vista). If you have a Squeezebox player or networkable AV receiver or networkable DVD player you can use it as a centralized media storage device. The ReadyNas can also have SlimServer running on it.

    I have been using the devices for two years and have been very happy with them. Good luck with your hunt.


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