Tumblr on the UK Telegraph

The UK Telegraph has an interesting article on Tumblr:

Tumblelogs are the punk rock of blogging. They strip away all that prog-rock space jazz and focus on the content: short thoughts, quotes, photos, music, video clips and links. Unlike the verbose ramblings of most weblogs, where anything posted tends to be accompanied by several paragraphs of quotes, opinion and additional links, a tumblelogger just posts one thing at a time. An interesting photo or a single link. There might be one line of comment, but rarely more than that.

I have a tumblelog too.


One Response to Tumblr on the UK Telegraph

  1. noel says:

    I did something similar to this a few years ago when blogs were new and trendy and annoying the F out of me. A field for the link and 255 chars for the description…


    very primitive by today’s standards…very open to abuse, lacks categories, etc. But it sure made it easier than mass emailing all my friends and vice versa.

    I’ve always been a less is more kinda guy…

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