September 5th Apple event

Apple is putting on an event on September 5th, and I guess I will throw my hat into the ring with predictions.

Clearly this is iPod related.

We will see a new ‘video’ iPod, my guess is that it will look very much like an iPhone, same design language and based on MacOS X, with a hard drive in the space that is cleared by removing the phone hardware.

We may very well see a new iPod nano. We will either look like a reduced iPod (with MacOS X) or it will keep the current design with some iPhone-like modifications and the current (pixio-derived) OS. My guess is that it will be the former, but there may be some power issues there because the battery is not that big on those machines and running MacOS X could very well suck a lot of power.

The iPod shuffle may get a bump in capacity, but I don’t see much change there beyond that.

Oh and I think the iPod Hi-fi is dead, that product makes no sense for Apple given the wide choice of (better) third-party options available on the market.


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