iTunes and iPlayer

It looks like iTunes UK is finally getting some TV shows.

I am sure this will be seized by the various UK broadband providers as an excuse to complain about the capacity (or lack thereof) of their pipes.

But I digress…

I will be curious if this move by Apple will spur the BBC into rethinking its plans for the BBC iPlayer. This is the BBC’s solution to providing access to its (great!) content to consumers on the internet. Personally I think it is flawed for a number of reasons.

Think about it. The BBC is sitting on a wealth of great content with two options for distributing it. You can either build your own player with your own DRM, with all the distribution and support issues that entails, or you could enter a deal with a company that has a media delivery system installed on 300 million desktops, along with built-in DRM and a distribution infrastructure.

You have to wonder what they are thinking and what internal politics are being played out there.

But then again, I should not expect too much from a company whose source of income is a compulsory license that has to be renewed yearly by every TV owner in the country.


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