Startup trends

David Beisel outlines seven trends he feels are ripe for startup opportunities.

Interestingly he got the most traction on the second trend:

2. Internet’s facilitation of green lifestyle. With concern over the environment becoming a progressively more relevant issue, the web provides a natural vehicle for connecting people to resources and services which lessen impact of individuals on environment. We are at the beginning of “The Green Web” which will provide individuals within our society a leveraged way to positively affect the planet.

I am seeing the same too. Lots of people talking about, or putting together startups or actually building “green” sites.

But I am also very interested in the fourth trend:

4. Fundamental shift demographics of internet usage. The demographics of internet utilization are rapidly changing. Baby-boomers are getting older. International traffic and other languages are will be soon dwarfing that of the U.S. and English. Domestically, we have a growing population of youth who have never known life without internet and mobile phone. Couple these and other demographic shifts together and the internet audience of today looks very different in the not-so-distant future.

This one bears watching because in the longer term, I think it will be just as, if not more, important than the previous trend.


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