“Show me revenue first, and then we’ll talk again”

I pulled the title quote from a Boston Globe article asking whether Boston will ever catch up? (by way of Philip Jacob.)

Catching up in this case means catching up the West Coast.

Having spent four years working in a company which was initially founded in Boston in 2003 and moved to the West Coast after six month because our funding chances were very much improved there, and spending the past six months talking to VCs and startups in the Boston area, I can reasonably say that there are some marked differences between the Boston area and San Francisco, and the article does a good job of covering them.That does not mean that one or the other have it wrong, it just means that their priorities are different and this causes different classes of companies to emerge.

That being said, I have just come back from a three day trip to San Francisco, the level of web 2.0 activity is much higher there than here in the Boston area and this is undeniably seductive for would be startups and entrepreneurs.


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