New Apple announcements

Some comments on the new Apple announcements.

Ok so the new iMac looks cute, I am not sure about that glass screen though, sounds fragile to me. I would add that the design language of the new iMac is clearly derived from the iPhone.

The new Mini got a speed boost, which I have been contemplating doing on mine (I used to hack hardware for fun, voiding warranties included at no extra charge.)

The new Airport Base station got real ethernet ports now, as opposed to those dinky 100BaseT ports.

I really like the look of the new keyboards, but why did they have to make the wireless keyboard ‘pint size’? I can live without the keypad, but what about the ‘home’, ‘end’ ‘page up’ and ‘page down’ keys, I use those all the time for scrolling. It is like the original Mac keyboard. My guess is that Apple will realize its error there and release a full size wireless keyboard sometime soon.


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