Google indexing speed

Matt Cutts made the comment that the Google indexing speed has improved of late, something that was also picked up by SearchEngineWatch.

I have certainly noticed that, now when I publish an article on my blog it usually takes very little time to appear in the Google index (I run a vanity search, doesn’t everyone?) Though rarely it can take up to 12 hours for an article to appear, and once newer article were indexed before older ones.

I had a very short conversation about indexing speed with a Googler at the Seattle Scalability Conference which went something like this:

Me: Why does it sometimes take a while for new posts on my blog to appear in the index, I mean that sometimes they appear very fast and other times it can take a while.

Googler: Well it can take a while for the rankings to converge while indexing, there are over a hundred signals which are taken into account.

Me: Well why not just index the new posts with a ranking extrapolated from previous posts for that feed, and work out a correct ranking at a later date.

Googler: Interesting idea.

Not sure if they took me up on that, but I like the fact that indexing is much faster.


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