Feed readers on the Mac

I recently came across a new feed reader on the Mac called Cyndicate which looked pretty good so I tried it out for a short time. It has lots of features, and gives NetNewsWire a run for its money.

The interface is a little confusing at first giving you a flat feeds view and a folder view, I made the leap when I realized that the folders could be populated dynamically based on a set of filters which are applied to feeds based on feed name and other metadata about the feed, metadata you can set in fact.

So you don’t really need to look at your feed list unless you really need to, the filters and folder do all the work for you.

Worth taking a look at I think if you use a feed reader on the Mac. The downside is that it costs $30, though there is a 21 day demo period.

For my part, I am giving Google Reader another shot, mostly because there is an iPhone specific version, though I think it is mobile generic.


2 Responses to Feed readers on the Mac

  1. While you’re shopping, I also recommend NewsFire @ http://newsfirerss.com

    Simple and relatively no-frills, but for those dealing with enough frills on other fronts, NewsFire is great for just giving the feeds.

    I’m also looking at the mobile reader in the getleaflets.com portal. Accessible with a regular computer using Safari 3, and then easily accessible on the go with iPhone as well.

    BTW, hope you’re doing well. :)

  2. Good point Clay, Newsfire is certainly worth looking at.

    Doing just fine here thanks, hope you are doing well :)

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