Why iPlayer is flawed

I have been reading about iPlayer, mostly criticism. It seems to be a:

Windows XP-only, Windows Media Player-only, Internet Explorer-only, DRM-constrained iPlayer application.

according to Mashable.

And this is its greatest flaw. By taking this approach, the Beeb has pretty much guaranteed that it will be accessible by a small population, thereby limiting its success by default.

It is a shame because I really enjoy the BBC content I have managed to get here in the US, but the Beeb seems to be determined not to makes it content available to those who want it.

I use a Mac and I don’t think of myself as a minor platform, neither do I think of Linux that way. In fact in recent episode of dl.tv, Patrick Norton was surprised that 20% of the downloads were done from Macs. I was surprised too, I expect the number to be less than that.

Another figure that surprised me was Steve Jobs saying that iTunes had been installed on 300 million computers. That is a huge number and if I were going to distribute audio and/or video content, I would certainly look for ways to leverage that reach.


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