Privacy, are we having the right debate?

It seems like all the major search engines are falling over themselves announcing new privacy initiatives. All this is very laudable, I think it is important to have clearly defined privacy policies but I am wondering if we are actually having the right debate?

I think there are four key questions we need to look at:

  • The first is what data being stored. Currently consumers generate a lot of data as they browse the web, search histories, pages viewed, email, documents, etc… A lot of that data can be aggregated too, providing a wealth of data. I think we understand that a search engine collects that data, but I am most interested in the intersection Google and DoubleClick data.
  • The second is what that data is being used for. This flows out naturaly from the first question. Looking at search histories, pages viewed, a search engine will be able to detect trends and recommend pages we might not have otherwise found, eventually personalizing the search results. Better ad targetting is a no-brainer too. I am also very interested to know what cross-purposes the data is being put to, for example my search history being used to provide additional signals for ad targetting when I am reading my email online.
  • The third is what the data retention policy is. This is where all the action seems to be these days, how long is the data stored for, how long cookies remain active for, when is data anonymised and how. Shortening cookie expirations is privacy theater. And it has also been shown that anonymised logs are far from anonymous. Also there may be legal requirements to store data for certain lengths of time.
  • The fourth is under what circumstances data is disclosed to law enforcement agencies. This does not seem to have been all that well addressed. For example when the FBI asked the major search engines for data, all but Google rolled over and gave up the data requested. What was interesting about this is that the FBI did not press their case with Google which suggests they were on shaky legal grounds in the first place, yet everyone except Google complied.

I think it is a given that data about our browsing habits will be stored and used. This is the principal manner in which service providers learn about us have the means to provide a better browsing experience (personalization is a big factor here.)

What is important for us consumers to understand is how this data is used, aggregated, disseminated, retained and purged. At which point it will be easier to determine whether the loss of privacy is worth it.

And so far I have yet to see comprehensive information from any service providers about that.


One Response to Privacy, are we having the right debate?

  1. Philip Jacob says:

    As far as disclosure of data to governmental agencies, there are some laws that prohibit the service provider from telling the user that this has occurred. The most novel approach to handling this that I have come across is here:

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