“You’re stuck with your iPhone and you can’t take it anywhere”

So says Edward Markey, committee chairman and Democratic Party representative for Massachusetts.

The issue seems to revolve around the fact that Apple and ATT have signed an exclusive agreement.

One has to wonder which stone Edward Markey has been living under all these years. The carriers control what handsets get to market, how they get to market, how much they sell for, what software runs on them, what gets turned on or off, in fact everything.

When I got my RAZR, I was stuck with it too and could not take it anywhere but Cingular (now ATT.)

So for Markey to trott out this line seems a little strong to me. If this brings new light on the fact that the carriers control the handsets, fine, but to make Apple and the iPhone the lightning rod for this issue smacks of opportunism.

Then again, I don’t think any politician has ever shied away from opportunism.


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